Regulate Cannabis in Delaware

How can you help bring sensible marijuana policy to Delaware?

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Why should Delaware legalize and regulate cannabis?

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Why Regulate?

Regulate Cannabis in Delaware

Support a change in local policies.

Safer Communities

Regulating marijuana would replace a dangerous underground market with a system of licensed businesses that only sell marijuana to adults.

Bolster State Economy

Taxing marijuana would raise millions of dollars in new tax revenue, create thousands of jobs, and generate business for other

Improve Public Health

Ensure proper testing, packaging, and labeling. Reduce exposure to illegal products by removing sales from underground markets.

Disburden Officials

Law enforcement could spend more of their time and limited resources addressing serious crime instead of enforcing failed prohibition policies.

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The Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition's members include the Marijuana Policy Project, Delaware NAACP, Delaware NORML, and the Delaware Cannabis Bureau.

If you are part of an organization interested in joining the Delaware coalition, contact us.