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About Us

The Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition’s members include the Marijuana Policy Project, Delaware NAACP, Delaware NORML, the Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network (DCAN), the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), and Doctors for Cannabis Regulation.

The Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition wants to:

  • Make possession of up to one ounce of marijuana for adults age 21 and over legal under state law.
  • Take marijuana sales off the illicit market, by creating a well-regulated system of licensed marijuana retail stores, lounges, testing facilities, and cultivation facilities.
  • Charge the Delaware Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission with creating health and safety requirements, labeling and packaging rules, as well as restrictions on advertising.
  • Enact excise taxes on marijuana sales that will generate tens of millions of dollars in new revenue.

If you are a member of a group that might be interested in joining the coalition, contact us